Quotes from Participants, Summer 2011
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Here’s what participants on the Summer 2011 Teen Parenting Course had to say:

“Brilliant! I look forward to it every week. Very helpful it gets me nice and relaxed and happy.”

“I found it to be of great help as if you need help or information they’ll be here to help.”

“Great, gave me something to look forward to.”

“I didn’t expect to have so much fun. It is much better than what I thought it would be. It is like a family when you come up on Wednesday, everyone is really nice.”

“Didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I do.”

“Well I would think so because if we were told we are doing something it would happen.”

“There’s always fun exciting things to look forward to.”

“Very well organised.”

“The girls work very hard to make sure we’re having fun.”

“I still think it’s a safe environment.”

“I loved the girls and workers and enjoyed learning.”

“Meeting girls in the same position as me, making friends, having a break from the baby. It was a great way of been connected to others in group.”

“Meeting with the girls having a laugh, and amanisoty was brilliant and the gym I loved.”

“The Girls in it, the way they get people a birthday cake on the week of their birthday, they really take you into consideration.”

“All the trips and the things we do each week.”

“Talking, trips, cake.”

“I was very stressed before it started. It was very beneficial to me and great fun.”

“Relaxed more about motherhood; I’m not the only one.”

“I feel better in myself now then I did when I first had my child as you know your not the only one in the boat.”

“Been able to talk to their mams about problems and the leaders.”

“Got to meet others mother and talk about different problems etc.”

“That everyone know each other here and I hardly now everyone I get on with the facilitators.”

“That next week is my last week and finds it hard to make friends.”

“Location is easy to get to, workshops were great and not difficult.”

“I think it is brilliant and I always recommend it to everyone.”

“Defo I think every teen parent should come here.”

“This group is an amazing way for teen parents to interact so we don’t feel on our own.”