Community Employment Scheme


The Finglas Centre runs a Community Employment project . Through this project The Finglas Centre employs various Community Employment participants and 2 full time supervisors. The project is funded through the Department of Social Protection. Through our Community Employment project, we support a wide variety of community  organisations and provide valuable community support services to the local community. Presently the centre supports a number of local organisations by providing C.E. participants to support them, in delivering their services. Please see below a list of  organisations The Finglas Centre currently supports 


  • Finglas Suicide Network
  • Finglas Youth Resource Centre
  • Rivermount Football Club (Finglas)
  • Finglas Schools Completion Project
  • The Deaf Village
  • FAST
  • Mellows Springs Child Care Development Centre

Participants work in a variety of roles including:

  • Accounts Assistant
  • Administrator
  • Employment Support
  • Housekeeper
  • Information Officer
  • Minibus Driver
  • Communications & Information Technology
  • Programme Support
  • Receptionist
  • Caretaker/Maintenance
  • Gardener


Current C.E. Positions

Position:Location:CES Ref Number:
Receptionist The Finglas Centre   CES – 2220578
Porter/Maintenance The Finglas Centre   CES – 2220550
Gardener         FASTCES – 2219124
Porter/Maintenance                                    FYRCCES – 2208303
Housekeeper                                       FASTCES – 2219123
Receptionist x3                 The Finglas Centre    CES – 2208292
Receptionist                                      DNCIS  CES – 2219305
General Op Deaf Village   CES – 2220548
General Op x 2                        Deaf Village        CES – 2208299
HousekeeperThe Finglas Centre    CES – 2220545
Housekeeper                                           DNCIS    CES – 2208298
Housekeeper               The Finglas Centre         CES – 2208296
Caretaker                             The Finglas Centre     CES – 2208293
Communications & IT         The Finglas Centre     CES – 2220567
Kitchen Assistant           Mellow Springs              CES – 2218629
Information ProviderBalseskin Reception CentreCES – 2222718
Information Provider       The Finglas Centre      CES – 2208306
AdministratorFeed our Homeless
Warehouse OperatorFeed our Homeless

If you are interested in taking up a C.E. position at the Finglas Centre you can find out more information by dropping into our centre or by contacting Cherie Foster or Philip Grogan at 01 8845228   You can also find a list of Community Employment jobs at

There are certain eligibility criteria you must meet to be able to participate on Community Employment. To check whether or not you are able to apply, please call into your local DSP Community Services Office. For further information, please visit