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Our Organisation

The Finglas Centre (formerly the Fingal Centre) is in existence since 1985, ironically it was founded in response to the economic downturn during the 1980’s and today we are busier than ever. From its inception the Finglas Centre has worked from the ethos of community development and has acted in a spirit of co – operation, participation, inclusion, partnership evaluation and change.

Over the past 30 years, we have committed to the process of local and sustainable economic and social development. The job of the Finglas Centre has always been to identify the issues of poverty and exclusion that impact on people’s quality of life and to participate actively in helping people address these issues. We do this through education, training and employment process. We commit to continually strive to support and respond to the needs of the communities of Finglas and surrounding areas and remove any barriers that exist.

 Mission Statement

“The Finglas Centre is committed to the empowerment and development of individuals from Finglas and surrounding areas so that they can better avail of education, training and employment opportunities that benefit their family, their community and wider society” 

Our Vision

We envision a future where the people of Finglas and surrounding areas have equality of opportunity, with regards to education, training, and employment and where individuals can realise their full potential.

Our Values


The Finglas Centre is committed to the principles of equality and diversity in the community


The Finglas centre is committed to building capacity and providing opportunities that will empower individuals in making informed choices about their own education, training and employment needs.


The Finglas Centre provides the highest standard of quality in all its services and programmes through on going consultation, planning, training, evaluation and reflection with staff, clients and stakeholders.

Services we provide:

Community Education

The Finglas Centre offers community education routes to members of the community. We have a training room with 12 computers. This enables us to provide accessible computer training to the public and specific target groups.

Voyages Programme

The Voyages programme has been running since 2004. This programme is funded through the Local Drugs Task Force. Voyages is a high support training and educational programme for adults engaged in recovery from drug addiction. It is run on a part time basis over 26 weeks. The course provides participants with basic computer skills (FETAC level 3) and introduces them to a wide variety of local services. During the course of this programme an addiction awareness module is delivered as is one to one support and mentoring work. This programme is run in the centre.

Tunin In/Back up family support programme

This programme was set up and designed to improve the quality of life for families. The programme offers a forum for parents to support each other and to begin to understand difficult teenage behaviour and family conflict. It also teaches parents to be more drug and alcohol aware. It brings parents and their teenagers together in a stress free environment where they could communicate better. This programme takes place in the centre.

Community Employment

The Finglas Centre runs a community employment project. Through this project the Finglas Centre employs 49 community employment participants and 2 full time supervisors. This project is funded through the Department of Social Protection. Through our community employment project we support a wide variety of community organisations and also provide a valuable community support service to the local community.


  • DSP
  • Finglas/Cabra Local Drugs Task Force
  • City of Dublin Youth Services Board


The Finglas Centre employs the following staff:



The manager has responsibility for the overall running of the organisation and reports to the Board on a monthly basis with regard to the day to day running of the centre, its activities and implementation of its strategic plan.

Community Employment Supervisors

The Finglas Centre manages a community employment project, through this project the centre employs 1 supervisor and 1 Assistant Supervisor. Both Supervisors have overall responsibility for 49 staff with the sole emphasis on work experience, education, training and progression into employment.

Accounts/Financial Administrator

The Finglas Centre employs 1 full time financial administrator who reviews all budgets with the Manager on a monthly basis and assists with all funding applications. The Financial Administrator also prepares the accounts for audit and is responsible for all project funding and all aspects of financial administration.

Voyages Co – Ordinator

The Finglas Centre through funding from the Local Drugs Task Force employs a Programme Co-ordinator to deliver our Voyages programme, which is high support training and education programme for adults engaged in recovery from drug addiction.

Finglas Traveller Development Group Co-ordinator

The Finglas Centre through funding from Dublin City Council employs a part time development officer to work with the Traveller community and co-ordinate the work of the Finglas Traveller Development group.

Board of Management

  • Pat Carey
  • Pat Mooney
  • Larry Dooley
  • Marian Farrelly
  • Tom Holmes
  • Joseph Halvey

Organisational Governance

The Finglas Centre Board is comprised of 9 Voluntary members:

The Board is responsible for the organisations corporate. It oversees the financial administration of the centre and reports to relevant stakeholders, including voluntary and statutory funding providers. Board members have a wide range of skills and capacities which complements the Boards role and enhances its governance capacity. Detailed financial reports are presented to the Board on a monthly basis including profit and loss accounts. Nominated Board members are authorised to sign cheques and have responsibility for ensuring compliance with cheque requisition procedures.  The board is made up of sub groups including, finance committee, HR committee and programmes committee.

In addition the Board supports its directors and encourages them to avail of training to enhance their capacity in corporate governance. All of these actions are developed to support the Board in its governance and oversight of the centre. The board is fully complaint with the Governance Code.

The Manager attends the monthly Board meetings and updates the Board on all aspects of the day to day running of the centre. A full financial review of the organisation takes place on a quarterly basis, this review is facilitated by an independent financial advisor.